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Fembot Collective

The Collective that brings you the Ada journal and the Fembot Collective podcasts

The Fembot Collective was founded in 2009 at the University of Oregon. The Collective’s intent was to create an open access, open source publishing platform for feminist research on gender, new media, and technology. It launched its journal, Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology in November 2012. In December 2012, the Collective launched the "Books Aren't Dead" podcast series which has been relaunched in Fall 2018 by co-producers Emily Edwards and Robin Hershkowitz of BGSU.
The infrastructure for Fembot and Ada was supported by numerous small grants from the University of Oregon (UO), as well as graduate student funding from the University of Oregon and Bowling Green State University (BGSU). The School of Cultural and Critical Studies at BGSU continues to provide support for Fembot Collective projects in the form of a funded graduate assistant and small internal grants for related activities on campus.
Graduate students at BGSU and UO continue to provide voluntary assistance for specific tasks. As of Fall 2018 several graduate students from BGSU have volunteered their talents and time to further the digital publishing projects at the Fembot Collective. Bailey Poland, Brandie Bohney, Lena Zeigler and Renee Drouin from BGSU's Rhetoric and Writing program continue to work tirelessly on the back end of digital publishing. In Fall 2019, Sarah Ford of American Culture studies at BGSU starts work as GA to the managing editor.
Today, the Fembot Collective has grown to include feminist media scholars, artists, producers, writers, and activists from around the world. The Collective currently has over 600 members, from 24 countries. Since its launch, Ada has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles.
Carol Stabile of UO was the Collective’s managing editor until Fall 2018. Radhika Gajjala of BGSU is the current managing editor of the Collective. Starting January 2019, Ada has a new co-editor - Alexis Lothian - who is faculty at University of Maryland. Starting in 2019 Penn State University Libraries will provide preservation services for the journal. Radhika will step down as co-edtor of Ada in December 2019 after the launch of Ada issue 16, and we will have a new co-editor to work with Alexis starting January 2020. Radhika will then dedicate her energies towards further development of Fembot Collective projects and work on the back end of digital publishing for the Ada journal in her role as managing editor of the Fembot Collective.

The Fembot Collective governing structure includes a Fembot Advisory Board - currently comprised of Carol Stabile, Sarah Kember, Karen Estlund, Radhika Gajjala, Alexis Lothian (representing the co-editors of Ada), Sherham Mokhtar (Graduate Student representative), Bryce Peake, Emily Edwards/Robin Herhskowitz (i.e a representative of BAD), and Bailey Poland (a representative of the digital publishing team from BGSU).

Please note that this is the Manifold publishing site - if you sign up here without becoming a member of the Fembot Collective you will only be assigned the "Reader" role. To do more as a member of the Collective - such as participate in our open peer reviewing process and other conversations you will need to join Fembot Collective. For details on how to nominate yourself or a colleague you can vouch for - go here - https://fembot.adanewmedia.org/register/join-the-collective/
Also please note that this site is under construction and the older wordpress site is partly out of date - we hope to be updated here through the Manifold site by 2020. If you have any questions contact Managing Editor Radhika Gajjala.

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